martes, 18 de enero de 2011

In this blog I`m going to post my school work. I`m in the second level of the English program at URBE.

Hi my name is Diego Gonzalez I´m 19 years old, I´m form Maracaibo Venezuela,   I live in La Victoria,and I´m in law school...
i also paractice gymnastic since i have 4 years, I´m a very active person i don´t like waisting my time... i love training, traveling, hanging out with my friends..!

I hate fake people, i hate the ¨music¨ call valllenato :@..!!  my life is very simple but not very easy... i just want to graduate and keep training I´m all about gymnastic that´s my passion there are my true friends my life will be empty without gymnastic.... See it and tell me you don´like it..? bye guys..! till the next time hope you enjoy it..!